1. Definitions and interpretations

1.1. Invest Funds Online - This is the name of the company (another name IFO GROUP PTY LTD), registration number ACN: 655 999 590.

1.2. User, client– adult person who has been registered on the site Invest Funds Online.

1.3. Website Invest Funds Online, located at: www.investfundsonline.com, Created for cooperation between the company and customers.

1.4. Site content - any information and content provided by the company for the purposes of this Agreement, including all materials about Invest Funds Online. The content of the website includes videos, information articles, audio and graphic materials, user manuals, etc. D.

1,5. Data - any information about the user or company, as well as the information obtained as a result of cooperation and using the company's website by its customers.

2. Registration and creation of an investor profile

2.1. By registering on the site, the user confirms his consent with the terms of this agreement in full.

2.2. The company's management reserves the right to change and expand the current rules unilaterally, without prior notice to the participants.

2.3. This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the user and the company and regulates the use of the company's website Invest Funds Online.

2.4. The user is prohibited from using the company's data in spam newsletter. This information can be used only in the context of cooperation between the client and the company.

2.5. The user can communicate with specialists of the support service only on issues directly related to this agreement, the company, and the work of the site.

2.6. Depending on the type of activity, you may need the use of third -party services to make transactions. IFO It is not responsible for these services.

2.7. The content of the website is not a direct recommendation and does not contain calls for action.

2.8. The company has the right to provide the client with any information about its activities, changes, events, news and any other information related to cooperation, by e -mail.

2.9. Any person who has reached the age of 18 has the right to personalized access to the website and to use the services provided by the company.

2.10. To create a user account and then enter it, you need to specify the following information:

  • Your e-mail address,
  • your password,
  • Your name and surname,
  • Details of the electronic payment system for transferring funds from the account.

3. User identification and authentication

3.1. The company provides a registered user with the right to access, use the site and its contents in accordance with the terms of this Agreement for the purposes specified in this Agreement.

3.2. All data provided to the user as part of cooperation can be used for personal purposes and cannot be transferred to third parties. In case of violation of this paragraph, cooperation with the user will be discontinued.

3.3. The account belongs only to its owner. The user is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of the login, password and other data specified during registration. Personality disclosure is prohibited to third parties

3.4. The user does not have the right to change the site content, take actions aimed at slowing the system, incorrectly interpret and destroy the initial content of the site, as well as violate its functionality, use malicious programs or prevent the company's cooperation with other users. .

3.5. The registered user agrees that the use of the resource does not give him intellectual property right to the site.

4. Account Account

4.1. Investments are carried out by creating an account. After creating an account, the investor selects the most suitable area for investment.

4.2. Investments are made to the investor’s account according to the selected product.

4.3. The responsibility of the parties for investment is described in paragraph 4 of the investment contract.

5. General investment conditions

5.1. Investment conditions are selected by the products that the investor has chosen for investment, namely IFO Classic and IFO Crypto.

5.2. Before investing, carefully read the conditions of investing the company and the web site in order to better learn about our investment program and capabilities.

5.3. When terminating the investment contract, the company has no obligations to the user and does not accept any complaints.

6. User rights and obligations

6.1. Registration, the user agrees that the company is not responsible for:

6.1.1. Lost benefit, not through the fault of the company, but due to the circumstances of force majeure;

6.1.2. Unauthorized use of the user account or data change by third parties;

6.1.3. Loss of waiting or any other damage that arose in connection with the use of the site or if it is impossible to use it;

6.1.4. Misunderstanding by users of the site;

6.1.5. Refusal or temporary interruption of communication networks or Internet connection by the user;

6.1.6. Interruption or suspension of the website of the website, including the fault of the provider of the company's web site;

6.1.7. Using the site by third parties using the login and password received during the registration procedure on the company's website.

7. Rights and obligations Invest Funds Online

7.1. The company does not give any guarantees that the use of a website will not violate the rights of third parties.

7.2. The user agrees to refrain from any negative public statements to the company and not to make claims against any damage or losses incurred as a result of the following actions and factors:

7.2.1. Any violation of this Agreement by the User;

7.2.2. Using the site by a third party to whom the user voluntarily provided his personal information or could not ensure its confidentiality;

7.2.3. Using the site for illegal purposes.

7.3. Invest Funds Online He has the right to change the content of the website and update it without prior notice to users.

8. Personal data of the user

8.1. The processing of the user's personal data is carried out in accordance with the company's policy in the field of protection and processing of personal data, which is an integral part of this Agreement.

8.2. The company guarantees complete confidentiality and protection of personal data provided by the user.

8.3.The user has the right to personally verify the correct use of personal data provided by the company by sending a request to the support service.

9. Other conditions

9.1. This Agreement between Invest Funds Online And the user is exclusively informational in nature.

9.2. Team Invest Funds Online Company He is not responsible for the financial losses of the user due to incorrect actions or user errors.

9.3. The company's team Invest Funds Online It is not responsible for the financial losses of the user due to force majeure circumstances - failure of the service server, natural disasters, hacking, and so on