Invest Funds Online - Investment company from Australia, working around the world.

IFO offers customers two products: IFO Classic - trading in securities in the stock market and IFO Crypto - Trade in the cryptocurrency market.

Story Invest Funds Online It began from the moment of the collapse of the stock market in mid -February 2020. At this time, the industrial index of Dow Jones and the Index S&P 500 Falled within a month by 26-27%. The fall of indexes against the backdrop of the number of the number of those sick with coronavirus affected FTSE 100 and European exchanges.

Due to fears about reducing China's needs in metals and minerals on the London Stock Exchange, quotes of shares of mining companies fell greatly.


All these factors caused a serious global economic decline and the sharpest fall in the stock market from 1987 of the year. Moreover, not all industries were injured. While the cost of some securities fell strongly, other directions showed intensive growth.

There were no grounds for a long drop in the stock market, the restoration was a matter of time, but the world remained in a state of economic decline. As a result, the unemployment rate increased sharply, small and medium enterprises were closed daily. Many families were left without income or felt their significant decrease. I had to try my best to pay bills, pay for food and rent.

Investment company Invest Funds Online 5 people founded the common goal - to put the needs and interests of customers in the first place. The founders are convinced that they can control the capital and assets of customers are more effective than themselves, diversifying risks through cryptocurrency assets and competent management of them.

In March 2020, Thomas Lyons was appointed to the post of managing company. Together with like-minded people, he began to implement a business plan Invest Funds Online, Studying trading communities and adding people to the team. Six months, traders collected information, studied the markets and worked with the investments of the founders. So the products appeared IFO Crypto, IFO Classic. Before offering customers, they were tested and secured in the market.

For testing the product, its improvement and refinement was spent a whole year. Therefore, the company was officially registered in Australia in December 2021. From now on Invest Funds Online He has the right to work on an open online investment system.

Thomas found a way to monetize relations with experienced traders, primarily from the UK, the USA, France, Italy and Spain. He took advantage of the possibilities for scaling and introducing innovation into asset management. Found solutions that made the developed products available to a wide audience not only in the territory Australia, but also beyond.

The company officially appeared on the Internet and cooperation has become affordable investors from around the world. This was made possible thanks to the rejection of physical offices. All activities were transferred to the online platform. Here, customers from around the world can get advice 24/7, And also independently manage your deposits. This format significantly accelerates and simplifies the investment process. The use of a successful development strategy and the asset efficient management allowed the company to increase the profitability of customer investments several times.


For the last year Invest Funds Online It has expanded into a global company, which is trusted by management of a large number of assets. Over the year, we have proved commitment to our platform, our people and our technologies and continue to bring long -term benefit to our customers.

Become an investor Invest Funds Online Maybe a resident of any country. To do this, you need to register the account and fill out the payment data in the settings. Each client chooses the method of entering and withdrawing funds himself, according to the legislation of his country.

Cryptocurrency is fully law in many regions: Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Salvador, Singapore, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Malta, USA, Australia, Canada, Bermuda Islands, EU. Investing in products Invest Funds Online Completely safe and promising for you. The company is officially registered under Australian laws and is regulated by the most progressive legislation in the world.

To make a deposit and withdrawal, you can use any convenient payment system: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, USDT. When entering funds in any currency, including cryptocurrency, the system automatically carries out converting to US dollars. The investor also withdraws profit in dollars. When transferring funds to an electronic payment system from your investment account, it is necessary to indicate the amount in dollars.

You can invest any amount and create an unlimited number of deposits. Two investment areas - IFO Crypto, IFO Classic - These are structured products developed by the founders Invest Funds Online. They collect highly profitable, average and low -income assets. This formula provides average profit and reduces investment risks.

Investing in IFO, You actually buy a finished structured investment portfolio and get a fixed income until you own assets.

IFO Classic - The product, which includes the assets of important sectors of the economy and venture investments - shares, bonds, options, futures, etc.. This is a diversified portfolio, investing in which the client receives dividends paid 5 days a week. A fixed interest rate is used to calculate income - 1.17% per day. The minimum amount for investment in IFO Classic - 25 dollars. Income can be removed at any time.

IFO Crypto - This is a product with digital assets for trading in the cryptocurrency market. This direction is still poorly understood in comparison with the traditional market, but quite profitable and very promising. Investment in IFO Crypto It provides investors with income in the form of dividends paid 7 days a week. Profit is accrued at the interest rate - 0.91% per day. The minimum investment amount is from $ 100.

IFO Crypto, IFO Classic - This is not all the possibilities of earnings that investors have Invest Funds Online. To develop its own products and scaling activities, the company uses the system Multilevel marketing IFO.

It is based on creating a network of independent investors, each of which can not only buy active deposits and receive fixed dividends, but also has the right to attract other people under their partnership link. The involved partners have the same opportunities - invest and build a network.

The The earnings of each partner of the network are built from the commission from the profit of invited investors. The percentage is accrued according to the level occupied. There are only eight of them - in total, it is 24% of the income of all investments.

The creation of an affiliate network is a great opportunity to provide yourself with a passive income that does not depend on your own investments. FROM MLM IFO You can not only stably earn and build your own business within the company. At the same time, the investor himself regulates its pace of work and the degree of involvement/it works and the degree of its/its involvement

Anyone who will become a client Invest Funds Online will appreciate all the advantages of cooperation with the company:
  • high level of security;
  • light entrance;
  • accessibility to everyone;
  • the ability to manage deposits from a mobile device;
  • absence of any commissions;
  • Quick withdrawal of funds.

Investment company Invest Funds Online It provides everyone with convenient and simple tools for investing from anywhere in the world through an online platform. This is a great opportunity to accumulate and increase your savings in order to achieve financial stability and achieve the desired goals.