Frequently asked Questions

What Invest Funds Online?

Invest Funds Online - This is an Australian investment company that offers services to customers from around the world. There are two investment directions: Classic IFO - trading in securities in the stock market, Crypto IFO - Trade of digital currencies.

What Crypto IFO or Classic IFO?

These are structured products, highly profitable, average -rental and low -profit assets. Opening a deposit, you get a ready -made competently diversified investment portfolio. An active deposit guarantees the investor unlimited receiving fixed profit. Read more on the page “ Products”

How safe and reliable to invest your savings in Invest Funds Online?

You can entrust us with your capital, since investing in our products is absolutely safe and profitable for you. Australian legislation allows you to legally conduct operations with cryptocurrency. The company is officially registered in Australia. Its activity is regulated by one of the most progressive legislation in the world.

How is the safety of my personal data ensured?

Clients are guaranteed confidentiality and data protection. All entered information is protected by triple encryption and ssl certificate. The company does not give access to investors accounts to third parties.

What time is it better to contact the support service?

Our employees answer questions from registered investors around the clock.

In what currency do you need to invest and in what earnings is displayed?

Replenish the balance IFO It is possible in US dollars and cryptocurrency. The system automatically converts the introduced funds into dollars USA. To transfer profit to an electronic payment system, you need to indicate the amount in dollars. If the money is withdrawn to a cryptocurrency wallet, then the system creates an application in dollars, and then automatically converts the amount into cryptocurrency.

Who can invest in the company Invest Funds Online?

Investment products, like partnership, are available to any person who has reached adulthood.

How to protect your account?

So that your personal information does not get to third parties, do not enter your account on other sites. U Invest Funds Online There is only one official site. Do not report the password from your account. Technical support employees can only request a user name and email address, but not a password.

Inhabitants of which country are available investments in Invest Funds Online?

Invest in Invest Funds Online Citizens of any country can, regardless of location. Users choose methods of entering and withdrawal of funds themselves in accordance with the laws of their country. Cryptocurrency operations are allowed in many regions: Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Salvador, Belarus, Georgia, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Malta, USA, Canada, EU, and Bermuda Islands.

Is there a tax on investment?

According to the law from any income, it is necessary to pay income tax. Invest Funds Online Pays taxes on his own. Clients receive income already minus tax fees.

Are they provided on the site IFO Hidden or additional commissions?

On the site Invest Funds Online All cash transactions are carried out without commission: entering funds, accrual of profit, its withdrawal.

How to calculate the estimated profit?

A registered user gets access to an account and online calculator. You need to enter the amount of investment and the system will automatically calculate your income.

How can I change the password?

To change the password, you need to go to the account settings, then save a new password for authorization.

What payment options are available to investors?

You can replenish the account and withdraw funds with the help of such payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, USDT.

How to restore access to an account if I forgot the password?

To access your account, you need to choose the option “Forgot your password” And follow the instructions. To avoid problems with restoration and authorization, we recommend that you save account data in a safe place.

Can I create several accounts?

For yourself from one IP-addresses can be created only one account. You can register other investors at your address and from one device. But creating several accounts per investor is strictly prohibited.

What is the minimum deposit for investment?

To become an investor Invest Funds Online It is enough to make a deposit from $ 25 - if it is a product IFO Classic and from $ 100 - if it is IFO Crypto.

If the maximum restriction for investment?

No, you can invest any amount and create an unlimited number of active deposits.

What maximum amount can be derived from the balance IFO?

The maximum threshold is $ 50,000 in one payment.

How long does it take to activate the deposit after investing?

The deposit will be active immediately after the creation. Investors income is charged the day after the replenishment of the investment account. The company operates in universal coordinated time.

If I entered the money through one payment system, can I withdraw a profit through another?

Yes. To replenish the balance, you can choose any convenient payment system. The withdrawal of funds is available to the payment system, which is indicated in the account settings.

How to withdraw money from the account IFO?

To withdraw funds to start, you need to specify the number of your electronic wallet in the settings. Then you should open the tab “Payments”, enter the amount in dollars and confirm the transfer to the specified payment system.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from the account IFO?

The transfer will be completed in 36 hours (maximum), regardless of the day or the time of the day, the conclusion was ordered.

Is it possible to change the investment fund if I made a mistake with the choice?

No, since the platform works automatically and choosing one product, you cannot change the choice. Only by terminating the contract and making a new deposit.

Is there any possibility of reinvestment of profit?

Yes, you can open new deposits using funds on the balance sheet IFO.

I want to receive more income, can I make more money on an already active deposit?

No, but you can open new deposits and due to this to increase your income.

What to do if I want to pick up my investments?

This can be done by agreement of the parties. The termination of work with the company on the initiative of the investor is carried out after a written notice of the organization.

How to become a participant in the affiliate program and receive passive income?

After registering on the site, the user receives a unique client identifier and can use it to invite partners. You can read more about the partner program on the page:


How is the commission percentage of the affiliate program accrued?

You invite investors by your identifier. As soon as he opens a deposit and receives the first income, a certain percentage (depends on your level) on your profit is automatically credited to your account.

You can participate in the program Multilevel marketing IFO, Not becoming an investor?

Yes, you can register and invite partners without your own investments.

How to receive bonuses and bonuses from the turnover of my affiliate network?

To receive additional income in the form of premiums for the activity of your partners invited, submit an online application to the support service.

The partner invited by me registered an account, but I do not see it on my network.

Most likely your partner registered on the site not on your identifier. To solve the problem, you need to contact the support service, indicate the address of your mail and partner. Our experts will check the information and tell you the result of the audit.

If I still have questions, where should I go?

If this list does not have an answer to your question, then ask his support service at the address [email protected]