Politics of protecting and processing personal data

1. Parties and definitions

1.1. Invest Funds Online — This is the name of the company (another name IFO GROUP PTY LTD), registration number ACN: 655 999 590 .

1.2. User, client – adult person who has been registered on the siteInvest Funds Online.

1.3. Website Invest Funds Online, located at: www.investfundsonline.com, Created for cooperation between the company and customers.

2. Privacy agreement

2.1. The parties agree that under this Agreement of confidential information is any information that has become known to the parties as a result of their joint activities.

2.2. Disclosure of confidential information – The unauthorized action of the company, as a result of which third parties gained access to the user's confidential information and the possibility of familiarizing themselves with it. The disclosure of confidential information also includes the passive negligence of the company in ensuring the proper level of protection of confidential information, as a result of which third parties gain access to the customer information of the user and the ability to keep abreast of this.

2.2.1. Confidential information also includes:

  • All documents on paper and in electronic format, reports on the profit, explanatory notes, correspondence between the parties,
  • any other documents containing or otherwise presenting information about the client;

2.2.2. Confidential information does not include:

  • Information received by the company or its representatives from a third party, which does not apply any restrictions on the transmission of such information,
  • information that is or becomes publicly available regardless of the actions of the parties,
  • The information that is allowed for public disclosure from the written permission of the client, which provided this confidential information.

2.2. The company (team, agents) undertakes to store confidential information in strict secret and take all measures to protect it.

2.3. The company will not use confidential information for purposes other than those indicated by the transmitting side in the exchange of confidential information.

2.4. The company does not allow the disclosure of confidential information to third parties, completely or partially, in any possible way without the preliminary written consent of the other side.

2.5. The disclosure of confidential information is allowed only by virtue of the requirements of the current international law, binding on court decisions or legal requirements of state authorities.

2.6. The company is responsible for the actions of persons who have access to confidential information, including losses that can be caused to other parties by disclosure or unauthorized use of confidential information.

2.7. The parties admit that any information sent by mail from the email address of one side to the email address of the other side is confidential information, unless otherwise specified in the cover letter.

3. Rights and obligations of the user.

3.1. Registration, the user agrees that the company is not responsible for:

3.1.1. Lost benefit, not through the fault of the company, but due to the circumstances of force majeure;

3.1.2. Unauthorized use of the user account or data change by third parties;

3.1.3. Loss of waiting or any other damage that arose in connection with the use of the site or if it is impossible to use it;

3.1.4. Misunderstanding by users of the site;

3.1.5. Refusal or temporary interruption of communication networks or Internet connection by the user;

3.1.6. Interruption or suspension of the website of the website, including the fault of the provider of the company's web site;

3.1.7. Using the site by third parties using the login and password received during the registration procedure on the company's website.

4. Rights and obligations Invest Funds Online

4.1. The company does not give any guarantees that the use of a website will not violate the rights of third parties.

4.2. The user agrees to refrain from any negative public statements to the company and not to make claims against any damage or losses incurred as a result of the following actions and factors:

4.2.1. Any violation of this Agreement by the User;

4.2.2. Using the site by a third party to whom the user voluntarily provided his personal information or could not ensure its confidentiality;

4.2.3. Using the site for illegal purposes.

4.3. Invest Funds Online He has the right to change the content of the website and update it without prior notice to users.

5. Other conditions

5.1. Disputes and disagreements that may arise during the execution of this Agreement are allowed if possible by negotiations between the parties.

5.2. All notifications and messages under this Agreement must be addressed to each other in writing.

5.3. The parties recognize the legitimacy of messages obtained by electronic exchange with scanned copies, as well as the legal equality of such messages with the originals of documents on paper.

5.4. Documents sent by e -mail from the first person are considered received by the second party on the day of sending, while the calculation of the deadlines depending on the time of receipt of the document by the second side begins on the next day.

5.5. Contact electronic addresses of the parties are the addresses indicated on the site IFO (The client is in your personal account, the company is on the “Contacts” page). Letters sent from these email addresses are considered sent by authorized representatives of the parties and can serve as proof in trials.