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Invest Funds Online offers customers structured products - IFO Crypto and IFO Classic


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The main advantage IFO - The ability to earn more than with independent investment.

The tools used by our company reduce risks when working with an illiquid asset. Any investment has two key parameters: profitability and risk. The more risky the investment, the higher the potential yield. And vice versa - reliable investments will never bring superprofits.

The main goal of investing is to make a profit. But guaranteed profitability may not be. Different investment methods provide different opportunities for income. There is always a risk that instead of earnings, the investor will receive a loss. To reduce risks and increase profitability, investments are diversify - distribute between different valuable assets.

In addition to separation by assets, it is important to collect securities of different sectors and sectors of the economy in the portfolio. Even superficial confirms the feasibility of using this principle. During periods when some shares fall in price, others grow. And diversification helps to maintain balance and minimize losses.

Invest Funds Online offers customers structured products - IFO Crypto, IFO Classic. Having made a deposit, you actually acquire a ready -made investment portfolio, which collects highly profitable, medium -ry and low -income investments. This formula gives average profit and guarantees investment safety. Active deposit provides the investor with a stable, uncertain income.

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IFO Classic
  • Deposit from $25
  • 1.17% Daily
  • 5 Days a week
  • Fast payments
IFO Crypto
  • Deposit from $100
  • 0,91% Daily
  • 7 Days a week
  • Fast payments
Investments in IFO With fixed profit, these are investments in a set of various assets that are traded on stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. This is an opportunity to diversify invested capital to make maximum profit.

IFO Classic - This is the trading of securities in the stock market. The product includes the trading of assets of different companies in strategically important sectors of the economy, as well as investments in promotions and bonds of underestimated companies. These are venture investments that have high income and high risks. Investments in the company in a crisis state, in enterprises that are just starting their activities in startups, which, with a favorable outcome, bring superprofits.

Securities differ in level of potential income and risk. For example, government bonds are traditionally considered the most reliable asset. There are corporate bonds - They are produced by legal entities.

All bonds are issued for a certain period, after which they are repaid, and the investor makes his profit. The yield on government securities is low, when compared with other assets of the stock market, but this tool is considered less risky and more reliable.

Promotions are a different class of securities, shared assets that can bring more income, but at the same time more risky. You can earn on shares by resale or by payment of dividends.

To the product IFO Classic, In addition to bonds and shares, options, futures and other assets are included. Investing in this direction, the client will receive dividends with a fixed rate of 1.17% per day for five days a week. The minimum deposit amount - from $ 25. You can get earnings at any time. The minimum amount for the withdrawal is 1 dollar. You can introduce and withdraw funds using the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, USDT.

To display funds, when registering the account, indicate the address of the electronic wallet. Transfer from an account IFO It takes up to 36 hours, regardless of the day of the week, in which the withdrawal of funds was ordered.

Product IFO Crypto - This is a trading of digital assets in the cryptocurrency market. This is a young direction that is at the beginning of its journey. The traditional exchange market has been working for many years, a cryptocurrency - a little over ten. Cryptocurrency is legalized in many regions: Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Salvador, Georgia, Hong Kong, Belarus, Slovenia, Gibraltar, USA, Canada, EU, Bermuda Islands. The minimum amount for investment is from $ 100. The minimum amount for the withdrawal is 1 dollar, maximum - 50 thousand. dollars in one payment.

Investing in IFO Crypto, The investor will receive income 7 days a week, since the cryptocurrency market works seven days a week. Fixed rate - 0.91% per day.

Our company has simplified the tax system for customers and independently pays taxes on profit. The income enters the account already minus tax fees.

Invest Funds Online - This is a revolution in the field of investment. Our company has the following advantages:
  • Empty input - a minimum deposit of $ 25, you can invest any amount, create an unlimited number of deposits;
  • high level of security - thanks to the creation of a product with highly profitable, medium -standing and low -profit assets;
  • accessibility - any person who has reached adulthood, regardless of citizenship and location, can become an investor;
  • The possibility of access from a mobile device - all operations with an account can be carried out online, which significantly accelerates and simplifies the investment process;
  • lack of a commission for replenishing the account, for accruing profit and for withdrawing earnings from the account - on the site Invest Funds Online There are no commissions.

Invest Funds Online - This is an investment fund, which provides everyone with the opportunity to invest from anywhere in the world through the online platform. Investing has never been so simple. Profit is charged to investors daily according to the invested capital and the selected product.

If desired, each client will be able to receive additional income from creating an affiliate network. The advantage of this direction is the ability to provide itself with passive earnings, which will not depend on its own investments. Partners can also count on the payment of bonuses and monetary rewards.

Open online investment and development of your own products Crypto IFO, Classic IFO Allows you to increase trade, save capital and force customers to work. Fulfillment of obligations to investors works for a reputation IFO And increases the recognition of the company in the international investment market.