The policy of withdrawal of funds and the return of the deposit

1. The client can withdraw the accrued interest by sending a request that is processed within 36 hours from the date of creation of the request. For online client Invest Funds The commission for crediting, entering and withdrawal of funds is not charged.

2. The transfer of funds from the client in Invest Funds Online for purpose (p. 3.4.1 Investment agreement) is carried out for an indefinite period. However, this item does not limit the client’s ability to withdraw his contribution and terminate the investment contract at any time (pa. 3.2.3 Investment contract).

3. We prohibit the use of the platform by persons who have not reached the age of 18. When we find out that such persons registered on the company's website with incorrect or false personal data, we will be forced to stop cooperation with this client.

4. The transfer of owners of the company's client is a procedure for investing in IFO GROUP PTY LTD.

5. As a result of the transfer of the company's own funds, the investor actually acquires a set of structured assets, thereby receiving the share of the organization’s profit.

6. As a result of transferring the client’s own funds to the company, the client acquires the status of an investor. If the company does not make a profit from the use of investment funds for each calendar day, the client acquires the status of a creditor Invest Funds Online (P. 2.3 Investment agreement).

7. Interest begins to be accrued in accordance with the schedule published on the company's website at 12.00 According to the universal coordinated time at the next fixed interest rate, in proportion to the amount of investments made by the investor:

  • IFO Classic — 1,17 % On the day from Monday to Friday.
  • IFO Crypto — 0,91% Every day from Monday to Sunday.

8. The transfer of the company’s own funds to the company does not give the client the right to participate in managerial decisions and does not give the right to participate in the company's activities.

9. In case of non -compliance with the company's targeted use of investment funds, the investor has the right to demand from the company early return of investment funds no later than 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of the request.

10. When replenishing the balance in any currency, including cryptocurrencies, the system converts the currency into US dollars. The investor makes a profit in US dollars. When the investor transfers to the electronic payment system from the account IFO, He must indicate the amount in US dollars. If funds are transferred to a cryptocurrency wallet, the system automatically converts the US dollar into cryptocurrency when creating a transfer request.

11. To withdraw funds from the account IFO The client can use such electronic payment systems as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, USDT.

12. The participation of the client in the affiliate program creates partnerships between Invest Funds Online and a client. An increase in investor income leads to an increase in companies.