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Financial well -being

Everyone dreams of the future, wants to live without monetary problems and worries. Investments are one of the ways to achieve these goals, and we are ready to help you with this. Invest Funds Online It offers customers understandable, reliable and profitable investment decisions and tools.

You are not satisfied with deposits, you do not want to put up with administrative costs and low profitability? At the same time, you are too busy to deal with your savings yourself and monitor the markets? Contact - we will take care of your financial well -being.

Invest funds online - This is a modern investment company representing profitable technologies and tools. We help thousands of people close their current needs for expenses and accumulate capital, sufficient so as not to worry about the future, including retirement.

In our management, the money of many customers who trust us, and being in different cities and countries, are trying to achieve important financial goals.

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Sustainable results

In order for investments to give a steady result, you need to choose companies not only by financial indicators. Recently, responsibility and environmental friendliness has come to the fore in all areas of activity, including investments. During investments, not only numbers, but also the rating began to take into account ESG.

ESG Deciphens how “Ecology, social policy and corporate governance”:
  • E (environment) - careful and responsible attitude to ecology;
  • S (social) - high level of social responsibility, tolerance;
  • G (governance) - The quality of corporate governance.

In our investment decisions, we focus on ESG- Assessment, since a high rating business complies with world development standards in three directions: social, environmental and management. And this affects the stability of the results and profitability indicators.

Accounting for decision -making ESG-Factors helps to achieve the equality of the principles of sustainable development, maximize profits, reduce risks. And in general, to improve the effectiveness of investments and eliminate the negative impact of external factors in the long term.

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Invest in innovation

The purpose of our work is to help people become financially independent and prosperous. Managing the money of our customers, we invest them not just in a profitable business. We contribute to the creation of a more stable and fair world. We provide better reality - for ourselves and future generations.

We are promoting investment in innovation, as this increases profitability for investors. The world confidently goes towards a clean zero economy, and moving with it in unison, we help investors adapt to a new reality.

IFO Classic
  • Deposit from $25
  • 1.17% Daily
  • 5 Days a week
  • Fast payments
IFO Crypto
  • Deposit from $100
  • 0,91% Daily
  • 7 Days a week
  • Fast payments
  • General commission 24%
  • Total levels 8
  • 7 Days a week
  • Fast payments

IFO With fixed income is a set of various assets. The company using products IFO Crypto and IFO Classic, It becomes an intermediary between the investor and exchanges. This makes investment light and more profitable, especially during periods of volatility.

Investors choose investments in IFO With a fixed income, to receive a maximum income with minimal volatility. Thus, you can diversify your savings, make a profit and save capital. Make your money to work.

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We pay special attention to long -term stability and give it an important part of our activities. This approach allows you to create long -term interested parties - customer investors, partners and our company. After all, our success directly depends on the results of investments.
Our business strategy takes into account how business is in social ethical, environmental, economic and cultural spheres. Adding a rating ESG The corporate strategy and reporting shows that the company demonstrates work for the future, concern for future vitality and high profitability.
When choosing assets of companies, we take into account their liquidity, capitalization, as well as corporate stability and compliance with the criteria for stable development. The trend for responsible investment helps to invest in customer products that do not harm human ecology and human health.

Corporate stability is an important part of our activities

We are a confidant
For our customers

Investing your funds, we evaluate the long -term perspective and are focused on helping our customers create a new best future. The attitude of modern society to economic processes has changed. In responsible investment comes to the fore ESG - Factors.

Investment management

We do not work with companies that do not correspond to indicators of responsible financing. We strive to promote reliable corporate governance and create stable and long -term portfolios with a stable increase in the value of assets.

The factors of corporate value, namely profit, costs and risks are largely affected by the social value of the company. In the modern world, the gap between the creation of corporate value and value in society is practically absent.

Previously, external factors were not taken into account in assessing the value of the company. But globalization, financial crisis, digital communications, a sharp growth of the middle class in the world, climate deterioration, etc., greatly influenced the conditions of the activity of any business. Now the external factors have become internal, they create new opportunities and prospects. But at the same time there are new risks with large consequences.

We invest in companies that take care of their profitability and are invested in the environment, society and personnel. To achieve success in such economic conditions, we carefully evaluate and understand the values ​​for society, ecology and, of course, shareholders.


Relations with investors

Financial indicators and profitability are also important, but compliance with the standards determines the future prospects of investments:
  • The environmental factor shows how much the company is the environment, whether it tries to reduce the harm caused by ecology;
  • The social factor determines the attitude to personnel, customers, partners, consumers and so on;
  • Management factor is the quality of management, transparency, healthy situation in the team, anti -corruption measures.

Why is it important? A responsible approach to investing is directly reflected in the yield of securities. Place in the ranking ESG reduces the risks of investment. This helps to responsibly choose companies, to exclude those whose activities can lead to environmental disasters, large claims and monetary losses. We are interested in the success of all involved parties - customers, employees and communities with whom we live and work. We build our business responsibly and stable, make investments more affordable and simple. We help a large number of people invest money using our experience and achievements.